Integrated Applications

We integrate with the following third party apps and systems

We constantly add end-user value to our cloud-based EPOS-driven technology tools. We integrate our multichannel hospitality management solutions with the following third party apps and systems. This seamless data sharing capability helps hospitality operators do better business free from unnecessary duplication and expense.

IBS-integrated_0001_applepay.pngIBS-integrated_0002_cake.pngFeed It BackIBS-integrated_0000_Flypay.pngIBS-integrated_0004_givex.pngIBS-integrated_0005_guestline.pngiDraughtIBS-integrated_0008_mycheck.pngIBS-integrated_0009_orderella.pngIBS-integrated_0010_pepper.pngIBS-integrated_0011_resdiary.pngIBS-integrated_0012_s4labour.pngIBS-integrated_0013_tahola.pngIBS-integrated_0014_verifone.pngWebFluxIBS-integrated_0015_zapper.png

Our solutions integrate with these 3rd party applications and many more. Just ask what we can do with yours!


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