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Clean eating, solo dining and activity-driven experiences among key trends for 2018

Clean eating, vegetarian and vegan haute cuisine, solo dining, and a growth in activity-driven experiences will be among the key trends in 2018, according to The Change Group.

The recruitment company said other key trends next year would include catering to the growing number of dietary requirements, particularly gluten and dairy intolerances, and street food chefs combining top-calibre cooking with casual dining formats.

It said the increase in solo dining would come as single people started to feel more comfortable eating out alone, while there would be a rise in experience hospitality where performance, dance and games add an extra dimension to the fine dining experience.

The Change Group added that satisfying consumer behaviour would also be key, especially with millennials becoming a more significant proportion of the dining out public, while concerns over sustainability and nutrition would require restaurants to find new ways to attract people to eat out more often.

The Change Group co-founder Craig Allen said: “Smartphone-empowered millennials now have a high disposable income and want something different from eating out. They love experiences and adventures. The rise in fine dining delivery services means they can get excellent food from many top restaurants at home, making the experience and ambience of dining out key to restaurant strategies. Additionally, millennials are well informed about nutrition and diet and are far more conscious about their food requirements than past generations. They have already helped to shift the avocado centre stage in every brunch experience and this is likely to be just the beginning.”


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