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Loch Fyne survey – Brits still wary of fish

Despite the wealth of publicity about seafood and healthy living, many Britons will still not go near fish, according to a survey by Greene King’s Loch Fyne chain, which has more than 40 fish restaurants in the UK.

The survey found that a good proportion of the population are still nervous about buying or cooking seafood, with a third declining to try oysters and one in ten who will not eat fish whatsoever.

The biggest turnoff, according to the survey, is eating fish with their heads still on and eyes staring up at the diner. Fish with eyes came second for most-feared foods in the poll and anchovies were fifth, while shellfish and fish on the bone took up places eight and nine.

Only offal and meat cooked rare managed to break the underwater monopoly on the top five spots, while blue cheese, liver and gherkins also appeared in the top ten.


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