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Mintel reveals five key trends set to impact global food and drink market in 2018

Helping consumers to regain trust in food and drink and to relieve stress through balanced diets as well as memorable experiences are among five key trends set to impact the global market in 2018, according to Mintel.

Technology will also help brands forge more personalised connections while scientific engineering will create a new generation of sustainable food and drink, the research revealed.

It said consumers require complete and total transparency from food and drink companies about how, where, when and by whom food and drink is grown, harvested, made and/or sold.

Mintel said as more consumers find modern life to be hectic and stressful, flexible and balanced diets will become integral elements of self-care routines.

Going forward, more consumers will be looking for ingredients, products and combinations of food and drink that provide nutrition, physical or emotional benefits that advance their priorities for self-care.

Meanwhile, in 2018, the sound, feel and satisfaction that texture provides will become more important for food and drink companies and consumers alike.

Mintel said the quest for experiences will provide opportunities for multi-sensory food and drink that uses unexpected texture to provide consumers, especially teenagers and young adults, with tangible connections to the real world, as well as moments worth sharing either in-person or online.

Mintel said a new era in personalisation is dawning due to the expansion of online and mobile food shopping. Motivated by the potential to save time, and ideally money, consumers are sampling a variety of channels and technologies when shopping for food and drink, including home delivery, subscription services and automatic replenishment.

Mintel added in 2018, technology would begin to disrupt the traditional food chain as manufacturers aim to replace farms and factories with laboratories.

Global food and drink analyst Jenny Zegler said: “In 2018, Mintel foresees opportunities for manufacturers and retailers to help consumers regain trust in food and drink and to relieve stress through balanced diets as well as memorable eating and drinking experiences. There also is an exciting new chapter dawning in which technology will help brands and retailers forge more personalised connections with shoppers, while enterprising companies are using scientific engineering to create an exciting new generation of sustainable food and drink.”


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