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Sleep deprivation hitting productivity and working relationships in the hospitality sector

Accidents, arguments and underperformance are the real impact of sleep-deprivation on hospitality workers, according to a new survey.

The Worldwide Sleep Census carried out by bed manufacturer Sealy found hospitality is the most sleep-deprived profession in the UK, with more than four-fifths (86%) of hospitality workers admitting they could function better at work if they slept better.

Almost two-thirds (65%) of hospitality respondents said they regularly lose their temper or have been irritable to a colleague, while nearly a third (30%) claimed they suffer a lack of productivity and 19% are often late or have time off as a result of lack of sleep. While 4% admitted falling asleep at work, 11% of hospitality staff put a recent accident at work down to feeling tired.

Sealy has produced a guide to managing staff sleep deprivation with Russell HR Consulting. The Worldwide Sleep Census questioned 5,000 workers from across the UK.


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