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Teenagers will ‘look to brands to build their confidence’ as research reveals key trends set to impact food and drink market in 2018

Teenagers in Europe are increasingly defined by anxieties around image, health and work, and are looking for brands to alleviate the pressure and help them build their confidence and prospects, according to market research firm Mintel.

Highlighting key trends that are set to have an impact on the global food and drink market in 2018, Mintel said marine conservation and data safeguarding would also be at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

Mintel manager of trends Catherine Cottney said: “Pan-European studies reveal the economic, digital and emotional pressures today’s youth faces, demanding a response from consumer-facing brands. We’re starting to see automation encroach on youth employment prospects. Additionally, there is a growing understanding of the digital pressures young people face and how parents are adding to these problems. Mental health issues are becoming more prevalent among teenagers. Mintel research finds one-quarter (25%) of seven to 15-year-olds in the UK are concerned about their future after school, with 24% concerned about their appearance. Social media usage is being held as a main contributor. Switching off completely from digital platforms is not the answer as these channels can be utilised to raise awareness and quickly connect young consumers with the help they need. With a growing level of attention around the negative impact of social media, this generation will seek to take back greater control by being more mindful of their usage. They will be quick to call out brands promoting unrealistic beauty ideals and quick to support those embracing diversity. In 2018 and beyond, brands have an opportunity to step in and provide solutions to help empower this cohort.”

The report said recent highlighting of plastic pollution in the oceans would lead more brands to “offer education and leadership with clean, safe and sustainable products as they seek to highlight and safeguard the purity and future supply of their ocean ingredients”.

The study also stated high-profile hacking and data disclosure legislation would lead to a “new breed of consumers who will hold on tight to their data and demand something in return before sharing it”.


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