Product Updates

Flexible voucher redemption empowers staff

A highly flexible random or ad hoc voucher printing facility is now available to operators using POSLink Touchscreen EPOS Technology.

The new ‘random act of kindness’ feature enhances POSLink’s existing voucher module and gives staff the freedom to issue a customer with a voucher at their discretion.

They can now randomly issue vouchers to guests in addition to dispensing vouchers for specific campaign criteria.

Staff can decide themselves on the triggers – whether a customer has spent over £20 on the current visit, has a birthday coming up in the near future or has simply established a great rapport with them.

Ad hoc vouchers is a different and more responsive way of distributing vouchers and empowers staff to improve the guest experience.

Voucher numbers are cross-referenced so operators can track redemption rates.

Random vouchers are only available with solutions using both POSLink and StockLink. For further information, please contact your account manager.

Contact your account manager to discuss discretionary vouchers .



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