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POSLink adds kiosk service style option

Hospitality operators can now operate queue-busting self-service areas similar to major UK supermarkets and multi-national food-to-go brands.

A self-service kiosk option has been added to POSLink Touchscreen EPOS Technology to simplify purchasing and speed up service and food delivery.

Self-service to suit food concepts

The new kiosk service style complements POSLink’s existing table and quick service restaurant options.

Operators can run a POSLink self-service kiosk in various ways to suit their food service concept and offer a different type of customer experience.

The first allows customers to select their goods in the store, scan them at the kiosk or push them on the screen and then pay by debit or credit card or through a PayPal account.

Food and drinks are collected or delivered

This is similar to self-service payment solutions offered by supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

The second involves customers ordering and pre-paying at the kiosk and then either collecting freshly prepared food themselves or having it delivered to the table by waiting staff.

Great alternative to vending machines

Similar kiosk systems are already proving popular in the USA as a means of replacing vending machines which are limited to 50 or 70 items whereas there are no product limits to an EPOS-based solution.

“A kiosk style of service gives operators another purchasing option and it’s there for POSLink operators if they want to use it now or in the future,” said Gareth Powell, Intelligent Business Systems’ managing director. “It’s very simple and easy to use. Pick what you want to buy, scan it or enter the details on the screen, pay by PayPal,  get a receipt, collect the food and you’re good to go.”

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