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New POSLink Kitchen Video Management System revolutionises food operations

Our new improved Kitchen Video Management System (KVMS) allows to manage your entire food operation from kitchen to customer – and improve the food pathway and access great performance stats. Operating  in the cloud, the KVMS operates in conjunction with IBS’s POSLink Touchscreen EPOS Technology and StockLink business management software.

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Key highlights include: 

  1. Recipe cooking times for individual components are built into every food item and stored on a  database.
  2. Staggered information is sent to the screens depending on the menu item ordered by the customer.
  3. Every component of a meal is fed through chronologically with shorter cooking items are held back so everything remains fresh and cooked as it should be when the recipe was originally devised.
  4. Orders can be sent directly from the POS as soon as they are input so staff don’t even need to cash-off at the till for the food order to enter the system ready for preparation. At the same time, visible countdown buttons on the screen show what stock is left.
  5. Kitchens use combinations of different screens, including those for preparation and pass control.
  6. Individual kitchen screens only display information relevant to the tasks currently being completed in a particular preparation area (for example grilling or fryer locations).
  7. All screens can be viewed in various formats such as individual tickets or lists for ease of use and can intuitively interact and communicate with each other, triggering activity as and when applicable.
  8. During busy times food is prepared in anticipation of the par levels and left in the back of a chute.
  9. The par control function automatically sets replenishment levels relevant to the time of day.
  10. When the operator is quiet they can alter the mode of service to ‘on-demand’ where the food is cooked fresh when the customer comes in rather than in advance.
  11. KVMS integrates with StockLink business management software, data and reports are available within seconds of an order being placed.
  12. Operators and management have immediate access to analysis and performance management information to interrogate and improve any aspect of a meal and its delivery.

 Functionality and features include:

  • Reduces service times
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Orders appear onscreen in seconds
  • Colours indicate courses and times
  • Customer waiting alarms for service times
  • Easy to peg and recall order tickets
  • Onscreen time-zone and performance reports
  • Menu card options with detailed recipes and graphics
  • www accessible
  • Ideal for single and multiple operators
  • Quick-send feature
  • Live, real-time reporting
  • Multiple screens can be used to control the pass area, hot and cold cooking areas and collection points
  • Check kitchen status on any POSLink screen
  • Can be used in conjunction with kitchen printers
  • Orders can be easily dragged and dropped around the screen to emulate sliding tab system
  • Orders can be received from POSLink terminals, handheld or tablet units
  • Chute management system for QSR service

Call 01280 709400 today to discuss how our Kitchen Video Management System can improve your food preparation and pass control  


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