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‘Burger Joy’ digital experience developed by Flypay and IBS for GBK

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) uses Flypay’s Flyt platform to give their customers a genuinely enhanced ‘burger joy’ digital experience. Customers, staff, and the bottom line all benefit from a flexible and dynamic payment platform developed in-conjunction with GBK’s EPOS provider Intelligent Business Systems (IBS).

The Beginning

With over 70 nationwide restaurants, GBK wanted a seamless cutting-edge app to build brand devotion. GBK has achieved this by partnering with Flypay and IBS to integrate, develop and launch a robust digital loyalty program. In less than two years, Flypay’s platform, Flyt, has bridged the digital-physical gap. GBK customers are able to take advantage of an exciting menu of fun addedvalue engagement activities, many verging on the magical.


The loyalty program features simple stamp cards to reward customers with burgers, milkshakes, and sides for visits and more complex “challenges”. For instance, customers are rewarded for visiting other GBK restaurants beyond their immediate domestic and work catchment areas. This blend of simple and complex loyalty ‘gamifies’ customers’ experiences and motivates repeat visits to try something new. What’s more, Flyt’s loyalty program integrates seamlessly with IBS’s cloudbased EPOS system (StockLink) allowing customers to receive loyalty points whenever they pay in-store or online at any of GBK’s nationwide restaurants.

Order & Collect

Customers can use the app to order food, pick it up in-store and still collect loyalty points for online orders. As Flyt is fully integrated with the IBS EPOS solution, mobile ordering is quick and easy. Front-of-house staff simply accept the order on any POSLink EPOS terminal. The orders are automatically timed to the kitchen and appear on the kitchen screens when ready for preparation. The system produces kitchen tickets and individual bag labels ready for collection at the time chosen by the customer. Admin is kept to a minimum as there is no order re-keying which minimises mistakes and saves valuable staff time

Order At Table

IBS and Flypay The concept of table ordering has undergone a magical transformation thanks to the Flyt app. Gone are the days when customers must queue and order at the counter. Nowadays they simply walk in, find a table and order from their phones and the Flyt app. Guests wanting to order a second round of drinks or desserts simply use their phones rather than walking to the bar or catching the eye of waiting staff. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Shorter wait times for customers and more efficient staff who can really focus on a true guest experience.


GBK is also using Flyt’s Order Direct solution to save valuable staff time thanks to additional integration with their delivery partner’s service and the IBS EPOS solution. The result is a smoother pick-up and less time spent keying in every order. When a customer orders from the Deliveroo website, the order automatically enters the EPOS terminal giving Deliveroo drivers all the information they require for a fast, painless delivery.

The future…?

Having successfully integrated four services into the Flypay/Flyt platform and its IBS EPOS solution, GBK has the flexibility to expand its combined-physical digital experience for customers giving them a remarkable competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


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