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Five UK foodservice trends for 2015 by Darren Tristano

What’s ahead for the UK foodservice industry? Here are five transformative food and restaurant trends for the coming year:


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Making the most of Christmas: top tips for surviving the festive period by Stephen Waters

Love it or hate it Christmas is here again: arguably the most critical time of year for the restaurant and bar industry. The bookings …

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The significance of F&B to consumers, retailers and developers by Nielsen Harrap

There is a new war in the retail landscape for consumers’ money – and it is being waged through increasing dwell times. The “stay…

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The impact of the iPhone on customer service by Ann Elliott

Steve Wilkins, our chairman, sent me this, which I thought might be of interest to a number of operators.

A famous restaurant in New York…

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US foodservice trends for 2015 by Darren Tristano

The US restaurant industry is evolving faster than ever and below are the ten trends that our consultants and experts believe may be …

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Technology partnerships have to be mutually beneficial

According to the latest data from the Statista web portal, there are over two and a half million apps available from Google Play and the…

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The ruinous absurdity of corporate governance by Tim Martin

Woof, woof! What’s that at the boardroom door? Why, it’s the dog that hasn’t barked – until now. This corporate…

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Winners and losers in the high street restaurant gold rush

It is reminiscent of the high street investment rush driven by the major managed pub company in the late 1990s. Multiple pub brands parked…

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Up-selling powered by technology moves up a league

Now the World Cup finals are over for another four years, the focus returns to the Premiership as clubs invest many millions in new players…

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