Integrated applications: PayPal

PayPal’s quick and easy to use ‘face’ mobile payment solution is available to hospitality and retail operators who use POSLink touchscreen EPOS technology in their outlets.  Their customers can use the app as a risk-free alternative to cash and credit/debit cards to not only pay their bills but as a means of letting operators know exactly when they are on site.  PayPal’s app also fully integrates with StockLink Online, giving operators access to many multi-channel tools and business intelligence and reports to track PayPal’s effectiveness as an innovative business and marketing option.

How it works: 

  1. Customers open the PayPal app to discover nearby locations that accept PayPal.
  2. They select their chosen outlet and swipe to ‘check in’.
  3. Checking in notifies the store that customers are in their outlet or on their way. Waiting staff can view each customer’s photo, name and previously purchased items.
  4. When a customer is ready to pay, waiting staff confirm his or her identity by their name and photo.
  5. The money is automatically deducted from customer’s PayPal account and they receive an email notification to confirm.
  6. The outlet now has the customer’s details and can invite them to opt into marketing and loyalty schemes.

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The Professional’s Choice for PayPal and a host of other third party apps.

At IBS our cloud-based, EPOS-driven solutions give our clients multi-channel front and back of house business management tools. Options include online shopping, customer relationship management and loyalty & promotions.

And because all our products are built and constantly upgraded by our own in-house developers, we can implement quick and easy API integration with other third party applications such as PayPal (see above), LiveRes, GiveX, Guestline, ResDiary and many others.

Seamless data sharing helps give well-known multiple brands like Bath Ales, Brakspear, EAT, GBK, Geronimo Inns, Peach Pub Co, Pod, Revolution, Spudulike and Vital Ingredient the technology tools they need to do better more profitable business.

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