Our EPOS-based hospitality management solutions are designed around best of breed hardware, POSLink and StockLink software and sector-specific experience and expertise.

Intelligent Business Systems, an Access company, only recommends an EPOS-based hospitality management solution for you after listening to your specific and unique circumstances. Once we understand your perspective we can specify, design, install, maintain and grow the perfect solution for your current and future business requirements.

POSLink Touchscreen EPOS Technology

Fast, accurate and feature-rich, POSLink Touchscreen EPOS Technology improves the operation, management and profitability of hospitality or retail businesses. Versatile and packed full of smart functionality, configuration is easy, no matter how complex your infrastructure or business activities. Operational issues – including retail functions – are easily and seamlessly integrated into one effective touchscreen software solution. Clever up-selling, promotional modules and grouping more

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POSLink Kitchen Video Management System

The POSLink Kitchen Video Management System offers precision control wherever food is prepared and served. Designed to run exclusively in conjunction with POSLink touchscreen software, our KVMS monitors the path of food orders through busy kitchens while simultaneously recording food order pathways from start to finish, providing you with a wealth of invaluable statistical data. Automatically connected to the internet, KVMS more

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StockLink Online

StockLink Online is a cloud-based platform that gives you access to numerous real-time EPOS-driven tools to improve your business performance in multi-channel retailing environments. All transactions and stock movements are available online for analysis within seconds of them taking place. Real-time data, sales and stock reports can be viewed 24/7 on mobile or desktop devices anywhere in the world where there is a wi fi more

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StockLink Enterprise

StockLink Enterprise is a complete and indispensable real time head office management system designed to benefit an entire organisation. Real time reporting provides the proofs and business drivers for finance, purchasing, marketing, human resources and customer services. The information allows them to function more effectively and make decisions using empirical evidence. Instant reporting and key performance indicators enable the more

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StockLink Online Shopping

Online shopping adds a new dimension and revenue stream for a minimal investment and optimum profitability. And it improves the customer experience by cutting queues and speeding up the purchasing process. Simple to use and manage, customer ordering becomes another 'outlet' using our EPOS-driven, cloud-based technology. Not only does it boost sales but it also eases operation intensity during more

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StockLink Loyalty

A genuinely effective sales and marketing vehicle, this module provides cost-effective online loyalty and promotions to increase footfall, customer spend and boost profits. Activity can be monitored and measured through normal business reporting. A three-in-one loyalty card gives marketeers and operators numerous campaign opportunities. Clever design tools help them stay on message and protect brand integrity.

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