POSLink Touchscreen EPOS Technology

Fast, accurate and feature-rich with five distinctive service styles

A real-time 100% cloud-based EPOS solution that simplifies ‘point of service’ purchasing and enhances the entire guest experience. You can select from five different but complementary service styles that are easily configured to cater for every type of hospitality environment.

Fast, accurate and feature-rich, POSLink Touchscreen EPOS Technology improves the operation, management and profitability of hospitality or retail businesses. Versatile and packed full of smart functionality, configuration is easy, no matter how complex your infrastructure or business activities. Operational issues – including retail functions – are easily and seamlessly integrated into one effective touchscreen software solution. Clever up-selling, promotional modules and grouping prompts help sell more and give customers better value for money.

Table, Tablet & Mobile

  • Table floor plan with integration to third party reservation systems
  • Multiple service charge options automatically or manually applied
  • Tips facility
  • Hold tables for a customer
  • Join tables (floor plan)
  • Multiple floor plans
  • Intuitive offers and adjustment
  • Order by seat
  • Guest name
  • Integrated wi-fi card payment
  • Handheld order taking

Kiosk Service

  • Customer self-service screen
  • Customer prompts for upselling
  • Integrated scanners for barcodes
  • Photographs of selling items on each button
  • Send to prep printers for hot food collection point
  • Automatic next order numbers
  • Integrated card payments (wave & pay)
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Receipt vouchers
  • Customer help

Quick Service

  • Fast selling screen
  • Staff prompts for upselling
  • Conversational ordering
  • Quick send to kitchen
  • Automatic next order numbers
  • Intelligent fast cash tendering
  • Integrated card payments (wave & pay)
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Receipt vouchers
  • Product information including nutrition & dietary (allergen information compliance)

POSLkink Touchscreen Technology Functionality

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