StockLink Online Shopping

A new dimension and revenue stream for a minimal investment

Real-time online ordering and purchasing for faster, flexible, better sales

Online shopping adds a new dimension and revenue stream for a minimal investment and optimum profitability. And it improves the customer experience by cutting queues and speeding up the purchasing process. Simple to use and manage, customer ordering becomes another ‘outlet’ using our EPOS-driven, cloud-based technology. Not only does it boost sales but it also eases operation intensity during peak selling periods by spreading incoming orders. Operated and managed online, it has numerous design features to enhance brand presentation.

Features include:

  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Practical online ordering
  • Fully integrated for stock control and sales reporting
  • Easy for consumers to buy
  • Multiple locations within your online shop
  • Pictures & descriptions help sell
  • Online presence & brand integrity – solution embedded into your www
  • Increase spend without increasing overhead
  • Pre-orders spread lunchtime workload
  • Enables better site management
  • Online payments or business/corporate account customers
  • Reduces need for telephone orders
  • Ideal for reducing customer queuing
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