StockLink Enterprise

A complete and indispensable real time enterprise and head office management solution

A head office management solution that gives you the big picture with illuminating real-time business intelligence

StockLink Enterprise is a complete and indispensable real time head office management system designed to benefit an entire organisation. Real time reporting provides the proofs and business drivers for finance, purchasing, marketing, human resources and customer services. The information allows them to function more effectively and make decisions using empirical evidence. Instant reporting and key performance indicators enable the management team to identify and deal with issues quickly and effectively. These business checks save precious resources and time while increasing business margins. StockLink Enterprise can be installed and configured to suit each individual organisation and has a wide selection of multi-user options.


Bespoke business management reports

Enterprise provides you with essential real-time business intelligence and allows you to configure any number of bespoke reports specifically relevant to your business, including daily and weekly stock reports, group weekly reports and e-mailed snapshot daily reports.

All the detail at your fingertips

Enterprise allows you to see at a glance how your business is operating as a group, brand and by area – as well as enabling you to drill down reports to individual receipt level – so you can interrogate every aspect of your operation in detail. You simply decide on the detail you want.

Benefits include:

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